Monday, October 19, 2009

Double Wedding

Ahad lepas(18/10) memang lah teramat sibuk menyiapkan 2 wedding cakes ini.nasib baik lah mereka dok dekat-dekat, so tak susah lah nak menghantar and nak men"set- up". so here's my wedding cakes work!(comot sket :p) 

For the blue and white theme, it is 1kg Buttercake and 1/2kg Fruitcake coated with Buttercream and decorated with sugarpaste roses.As for the purple and cream theme, it is 1kg Buttercake and 2kg Buttercake coated and decorated with Buttercream. 

 To both newly weds....CONGRATULATION!!

For details and order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 0162402056 or email us at

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