Monday, November 30, 2009

Anniversary & Birthday

This cake are made specially for my mum and dad in celebrating their 26th anniversary and for my sister Farah celebrating her 21st birthday. As usual for my parent I made Buttercake coated with buttercream and decorated with edible image. as for my sister, I made Chocolate Buttercake coated and decorated with buttercream. To mummy and abah happy long live may your life full with blessing and happiness. and for my sister, happy birthday!may all your wishes and dreams come true.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Yun's Engagement

It's been a while since my last update. Quite busy lately. Anyway, this is the cake and cupcakes ordered by Yun for her engagement. The theme is green and blue. this is my first time doing edible image! and it's quite exciting actually. the cake is Buttercake coated with rolled fondant and decorate with sugar paste flowers and edible image. As for the cupcakes it is Chocolate FudgeCupcakes decorate with rolled fondant. Congratulation Yun!!

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In Memories: Bobo

bobo was born on 13 june 08 under my bed.sblm nih kitaorg mmg takde bela kucing.then ntah macamane oren sneak in into our house and deliver 4 beautiful babies that was momo,jojo,bobo and coco(all female).at 1st we decide to dumped them to the wet market.after for a while,we all tak sampai hati then decided to take care them for a while and at the same time put them for an adoption.

they were with us for a quite sumtime,almost 5 month before momo and coco being adopted by my cousin's boss.tinggal lah jojo and bobo yg menceriakan kami hari2 dgn perangai diaorg yg merepek meraban.then 1 morning time nak pg keje my dad accidentally run over jojo.dia sgt suka tido kat tayar kereta.i was in my class when my mom called and delivered the news.couldn't hold my tears, keep on crying inside the class mcm hilang family. then left bobo alone with her mommy oren.

we give her all the love we had.setiap pagi bobo akan follow my dad sampai kat pintu,dia akan meow2 sampai my dad tickles dia.setiap pagi mcm tuh.then bila bk keje pon mcm tuh dad is nto a big fan of cat.but then kehadiran oren and her families melembutkan hati my dad.

last tuesday,me and my sister bawak bobo to grooming.after grooming she's all puffy. tapi bila sampai rumah, bobo start scratching her left ear.we try to calm her down but didn't work. disebabkan risau sgt takot tinge dia berdarah,we sent her to the vet.then after being check up,vet kata bobo kena ear infection.there's a yellowish liquid in her both dah ptg,vet soh tinggal jer kat sana.

the next day, she all okay, a bit weak but fine. on thursday she's all herself again.jumping here and there running up and down.walaupon dgn kesan cukur kat tinge dia,menampakkan lagik kelakar mum panggil dia sarjan bobo.

on saturday night,at almost 12 am, my sister put all the cats outside.they all sleep at their usual place. on sunday morning, we called them for breakfast but bobo is nowhere to found. kitaorg ingt she might be sumwhere around our house,usually she'll be back. so just put a bowl for her and we all go out.

later in the evening,my neighbor's maid called us.she said our cat.owh!kitaorg ingt bobo dah tido dlm bilik tuan dia lagik.last time she was sleeping on the neigbor's i just go out and said sorry if she trouble them again.then the maid said bukan..bukan..saya nampak kucing kakak.tak sampai hati..i was so shocked bila nampak body bobo lifeless on the that time,hujan renyai2,tapi bulu bobo tak i assume it's just happen. bobo had been hit a car. i pick up her body and bring to my house.i just could stop crying all the way. my mom also couldn't hold her tear.

it was an emotional moment for us. my dad asked my brother to dig up a hole to buried bobo, while my sister wash up all the blood stained kat bobo and clean her fur. we try to bury her on her best look.

last night,velvet keep on meowing for his mother. a lot of thing we tried to keep his mind of his mom.lepas dah penat main,finally he go to sleep. walaupon oren tak berapa nak ngam ngan velvet,still she sleep with velvet,and showing that she care about her grandchild.

now that bobo are gone,we are left with oren and velvet.even tho bobo is just a cat, but she left her paw print inside our heart.she's open my dad's heart to love the feline family,she's never fail to put a smile on our face.
bobo dear..u will always be our baby.hopefully all these while you've been with us, u have a wonderful in peace bobo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the mice and the cats

this week agak sibuk sket ngan mcm2 hal.anak-anak bulus ku pon tak berapa nak aktif sb cuaca mendung n mereka bnyk menghabiskan masa tido,mkn dan tido.main pon sgt kurang.but, since they got their new toy here,tersgt lah obses mereka dgn tikus2 nih. price for this mice is  rm3.50 bought at pet safari's some pic on them with the mice..

velvet get ready to jump..

  bobo and velvet waiting patiently for the mice

 bobo couldn't wait any longer

smelly mice..yikes!

oren showing off her catching skill

yes!!I've got it!

Clown Cuppies!

This clown cuppies are suitable for kid's birthday celebration.get yours clown cuppies from us! 3 flavors to choose from. Vanilla, Chocolate and Orange!

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Happy Birthday Carleef

This week, I've got an order from my relative.This Chocolate butter Cake are layered and coated with chocolate ganache and decorated with buttercream. This cake are made for this special boy name Carleef. Happy Birthday Carleef! Hope you and your family enjoy the cakes!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

KL International Cat Show 2009 (KLICS '09)

Semalam seharian dok kat The Mall tgk cat show.this is my 1st time watching cat show.hehehe..yer laa biasanya event cam nih tak diadvertise dlm newspaper.since i've join the forum bru lah tau event2 camnih,here's some snip pics from the event..sorry lah gmbr tak berapa nak cantiks!almaklumlah amatur yg menangkap gmbr.. =)

bnyk lagik sebenarnya gmbar..tapi kemalasan sudah melanda!=p enjoy the pics peeps!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Morning:-The fight over garbage bag!

bobo  & velvet fighting over garbage bag

the fight was judged by Oren

~after 8min and dunno how many second............~

YES!! im the WINNER!!

nevermind..i'll get the garbage bag next time!

aah....finally..some quiet time for me....

Rainbow on the Cloud

This cake is suitable for kid's birthday! I've made this to full fill my family crave for cakes. this actually  is a Buttercake coated with buttercream.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

FIP- Feline Infectious Peritonitis

My day begin with worried due to oren yg takmo poo poo. lepas consult with few peoples yg dah xprience FIP i started to check my furkid poo.(sounds crazy eh?hihih) bukan friend said,her cat start with susah nak poo,then bila bwk gi vet,vet sah kan kena kena berhati2 lah kan cos FIP nih takde cure.hopefully bukan lah FIP(keeping my finger cross).here's an article i found regarding this FIP.

What is FIP?
Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. Most strains of feline coronavirus are avirulent, which means that they do not cause disease, and are referred to as feline enteric coronavirus. Cats infected with a feline coronavirus generally do not show any symptoms during the initial viral infection, and an immune response occurs with the development of antiviral antibodies. In a small percent of infected cats (5 to 10 percent), either by a mutation of the virus or by an aberration of the immune response, the infection progresses into clinical FIP. The virus is then referred to as feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). With the assistance of the antibodies that are supposed to protect the cat, white blood cells are infected with virus, and these cells then transport the virus throughout the cat's body. An intense inflammatory reaction occurs around vessels in the tissues where these infected cells locate, often in the abdomen, kidney, or brain. It is this interaction between the body's own immune system and the virus that is responsible for the disease. Once a cat develops clinical FIP involving one or many systems of the cat's body, the disease is progressive and is almost always fatal. The way clinical FIP develops as an immune-mediated disease is unique, unlike any other viral disease of animals or humans.
Is my cat at risk for developing FIP?
Any cat that carries any coronavirus is potentially at risk for developing FIP. However, cats with weak immune systems are most likely to develop the disease, including kittens, cats already infected with feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and geriatric cats. Most cats that develop FIP are under two years of age, but cats of any age may develop the disease.
FIP is not a highly contagious disease, since by the time the cat develops clinical disease only a small amount of virus is being shed. Feline coronavirus can be found in large quantities in the saliva and feces of cats during the acute infection, and to a lesser extent in recovered or carrier cats, so it can be transmitted through cat-to-cat contact and exposure to feces. The virus can also live in the environment for several weeks. The most common transmission of feline coronavirus occurs when infected female cats pass along the virus to their kittens, usually when the kittens are between five and eight weeks of age.
FIP is relatively uncommon in the general cat population. However, the disease rate is much higher in multiple-cat populations, such as some shelters and catteries. FIP has also been shown to be more common in certain breeds, but the research is still unclear as to whether these breeds are more susceptible because of their genetics or whether they are exposed to feline coronavirus more often because many of them come from catteries.
What are the symptoms of FIP?
Cats that have been initially exposed to the feline coronavirus usually show no obvious symptoms. Some cats may show mild upper respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, and nasal discharge. Other cats may experience a mild intestinal disease and show symptoms such as diarrhea. Only a small percentage of cats that are exposed to the feline coronavirus develop FIP-and this can occur weeks, months, or even years after initial exposure.
In cats that develop FIP, the symptoms can appear to be sudden since cats have an amazing ability to mask disease until they are in a crisis state. Once symptoms develop, often there is increasing severity over the course of several weeks, ending in death. Generally, these cats first develop nonspecific symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, rough hair coat, and fever.
There are two major forms of FIP, an effusive, or "wet" form, and a noneffusive, or "dry" form. Generally, cats will exhibit the signs of the noneffusive form FIP more slowly than the effusive form. Symptoms generally include chronic weight loss, depression, anemia, and a persistent fever that does not respond to antibiotic therapy.
The effusive form of FIP is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, or less commonly in the chest. Early in the disease, the cat may exhibit similar symptoms to the dry form, including weight loss, fever, loss of appetite, and lethargy. The wet form of the disease often progresses rapidly, and the cat may quickly appear pot-bellied due to fluid accumulation in the abdomen. When the fluid accumulation becomes excessive, it may become difficult for the cat to breathe normally.
FIP can be difficult to diagnose because each cat can display different symptoms that are similar to those of many other diseases.
Can my cat be tested for FIP?
One of the most difficult aspects of FIP is that there is no simple diagnostic test. The ELISA, IFA, and virus-neutralization tests detect the presence of coronavirus antibodies in a cat, but these tests cannot differentiate between the various strains of feline coronavirus. A positive result means only that the cat has had a prior exposure to coronavirus, but not necessarily one that causes FIP.
The number that is reported from these tests is called an antibody titer. Low titers indicate a small amount of coronavirus antibodies, while high titers indicate much greater amounts of antibodies. A healthy cat with a high titer, however, is not necessarily more likely to develop FIP or be a carrier of an FIP-causing coronavirus than a cat with a low titer. A cat with a high titer is also not necessarily protected against developing FIP in the future.
Other tests have been developed that can detect parts of the virus itself. The immunoperoxidase test detects virus-infected cells in the tissue, but a biopsy of affected tissue is necessary for evaluation. Another antigen test uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect viral genetic material in tissue or body fluid. Although this test shows promise, PCR is presently only capable of detecting coronaviruses in general, not necessarily those that cause FIP.
To date, there is no way to screen healthy cats for the risk of developing FIP, and the only way to definitively diagnose FIP is by biopsy, or examination of tissues at autopsy. Generally, veterinarians may rely on a presumptive diagnosis, which can be made with a relatively high degree of confidence by evaluation of the cat's history, presenting symptoms, examination of fluid if it is present, and the results of supporting laboratory tests including a positive coronavirus antibody titer.
Can FIP be treated?
Unfortunately, there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time. Some treatments may induce short-term remissions in a small percentage of cats; however, FIP is a fatal disease. Treatment is generally aimed at supportive care, such as good nursing care and nutrition, and alleviating the inflammatory response of the disease. Cats with FIP are often treated with corticosteroids, cytotoxic drugs, and antibiotics. Supportive care may also include fluid therapy, draining accumulated fluids, and blood transfusions.
Research is ongoing to find other immunosuppressive drugs that may slow down the progress of the disease. Attempts are also being made to find antiviral drugs that will prevent or slow down the replication of the virus. One promising approach currently being studied combines both an antiviral agent and an immune response modifier.
Can I protect my cat from getting FIP?
In multiple cat environments, keeping cats as healthy as possible and minimizing exposure to infectious agents decreases the likelihood of cats developing FIP. Litter boxes should be kept clean and located away from food and water dishes. Litter should be cleansed of feces daily, and the box should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly. Newly acquired cats and any cats that are suspected of being infected should be separated from other cats. Preventing overcrowding, keeping cats current on vaccinations, and providing proper nutrition can also help decrease the occurrence of FIP in groups of cats.
There is only one licensed FIP vaccine available; however, this vaccine has minimal if any effectiveness in preventing FIP, and it is not generally recommended by the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Panel. Primucell FIP, produced by Pfizer Animal Health, is a temperature-sensitive, modified-live virus vaccine that is given as an intranasal vaccine, and is licensed for use in cats at least 16 weeks of age. The vaccine appears to be safe, but the risks and benefits of vaccination should be weighed carefully. Cat owners should consult their veterinarian to help them decide if their cat should be vaccinated.

hopefully my oren takde lah kena FIP nih..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Vet! we see u again..

yesterday i bring bobo to vet for her 2nd vaccination and velvet for his 1st vaccination and deworming. they were totally maniac in the car!jumping here and there,go front and back dont know what they were looking for. then after being injected all sit quietly..hihihihi!!no meowing wat so ever.sit still under the passenger seat.(sakit sgt lah kot sampai tak gerak tu..hihihih)

last time when i took bobo for vaccination,after being injected she will active again but not this time.she so down,dont want to play,just sleeping all night she will crawl up my bed and sleep at my feet.this kind of behavior make me worried! after consult with few of my friends they said its normal for cat to be moody and down after vaccination.FUH!! im relief! hope you get on ur feet again bobo!!mama mis ur mischieve behavior lah!*kiss*kiss*

when you bring your pet to vet,they will give you a copy of ur pet medical record/card. mine looks like this.=) all vaccination,deworming,appointment will be jot down in here. so that you will never miss your lovely furkids  appointment!and in the inside looks like this...

the vaccination label,appointment date will be put in the card. as for new cats vaccination can be done as early as 3 month. followed by 2nd vaccination the following month. then followed by yearly vaccination. as for deworming also can be done as early as 3 month (some said 2 month also can).then followed by 2nd deworming on the 14days after 1st deworming. the following deworming can be done every 3 @ 4 month (usually outdoor cat or cat that eat BARF) or every 6 month( for indoor cats usually).

my furkids after visiting their vet!*xoxo*

Monday, November 2, 2009

~::Cuppies oh Cuppies::~

Hi again to all viewers! 
After showing you my top 5 cakes, here I would like to share some of cupcakes that I made for birthdays and other occasion. at first, I don't do cupcakes. But due to lot of demand,so I've made it just for my dearly customer. I don't do a lot of flavor.just 4 flavor for time being.

1. Vanilla Cupcakes

2.Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

3. Orange Flavors!


no 4. Oreos!!

did i just make you drool?? promises more to come....

For details or to order,please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

Top 5 cakes!

Hi to all! here's the top 5 cakes that been a HIT since i started my here it is...

1. Lemon chill cheesecake! I've got regular customer for this baby!they order this cake every month!thanks ya!

2. All time favorite! kiddos love this one! lot's of peoples ordered dis for their kid birthday. Chocolate Butter Cake!

3. This sweet and sour cakes also has it own fans.Black forest Cake! not to sweet nor to sour.just nice!Yummy!(one of my favorite too =) )

4. here is another sweet and sour type of cake. Blueberry Cakes! this purpleish cakes always capture peoples attention when i put it in display chiller =)

5. And lastly..back to basic of cake. Buttercake. Always old folks favorite.not to sweet. nice one if you "cicah " with coffee  for evening tea =)

hope you enjoy the pictures!a lots more to come..stay tune....eheheheheh!!

For details or to order, please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

victim of the day...

today i woke up due to the noises made by my mum and my brother.they shouting and shouting don't know y.when i woke up they say oren brought something to the i just ignore it at first.then after wash up my face and everything.i went to check on my furkids. they all runing towards me and meowing so loud! its like telling me "mummy we are not the one who doing it..not us.."n purring showing their lovely pose,with their big round eyes. owh yes!they are the master of actor! not going to fool by ur sweet look okay! so i went to the's the thing i found...

disgusting eh?only oren could capture bird.y? because she is pure stray cat.hang out on tree,jump over our roof.only she can do that.not velvet.not bobo.not far from this birdy i found another victim.lifeless,without tail..

this i believe is the work of bobo and velvet.they love playing so much.anything dat move will be their toy.luckily enough they don't eat it. all always brought a present home early in morning.i wonder what would they bring back home tomorrow?

Cupcake Menu & Price


(price may subject to change from time to time)

Cupcake Flavor:
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Chocolate Moist
  • Orange
  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Fondant


S SIZE (2.5oz)
RM 40 for 16pcs
RM 60 for 25pcs

* Additional RM10 for Chocolate Ganache
Price starting from RM60 for 16 pieces



--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL DECORATION
  • Cadbury Chocolate - RM0.70 per pc
  • Fresh Strawberry - RM1 per pc
  • M & M's - RM 0.70 per pc
  • Customize Flag - RM1 per pc 
  • Edible Image - RM1 per pc  *may vary according size and customization 
  • Ribbon - start from RM5 * depend on customer i.e want ribbon from Memory Lane.

* All cupcakes will be delivered in clear PVC Box!

For Details or order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at
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