Monday, November 23, 2009

In Memories: Bobo

bobo was born on 13 june 08 under my bed.sblm nih kitaorg mmg takde bela kucing.then ntah macamane oren sneak in into our house and deliver 4 beautiful babies that was momo,jojo,bobo and coco(all female).at 1st we decide to dumped them to the wet market.after for a while,we all tak sampai hati then decided to take care them for a while and at the same time put them for an adoption.

they were with us for a quite sumtime,almost 5 month before momo and coco being adopted by my cousin's boss.tinggal lah jojo and bobo yg menceriakan kami hari2 dgn perangai diaorg yg merepek meraban.then 1 morning time nak pg keje my dad accidentally run over jojo.dia sgt suka tido kat tayar kereta.i was in my class when my mom called and delivered the news.couldn't hold my tears, keep on crying inside the class mcm hilang family. then left bobo alone with her mommy oren.

we give her all the love we had.setiap pagi bobo akan follow my dad sampai kat pintu,dia akan meow2 sampai my dad tickles dia.setiap pagi mcm tuh.then bila bk keje pon mcm tuh dad is nto a big fan of cat.but then kehadiran oren and her families melembutkan hati my dad.

last tuesday,me and my sister bawak bobo to grooming.after grooming she's all puffy. tapi bila sampai rumah, bobo start scratching her left ear.we try to calm her down but didn't work. disebabkan risau sgt takot tinge dia berdarah,we sent her to the vet.then after being check up,vet kata bobo kena ear infection.there's a yellowish liquid in her both dah ptg,vet soh tinggal jer kat sana.

the next day, she all okay, a bit weak but fine. on thursday she's all herself again.jumping here and there running up and down.walaupon dgn kesan cukur kat tinge dia,menampakkan lagik kelakar mum panggil dia sarjan bobo.

on saturday night,at almost 12 am, my sister put all the cats outside.they all sleep at their usual place. on sunday morning, we called them for breakfast but bobo is nowhere to found. kitaorg ingt she might be sumwhere around our house,usually she'll be back. so just put a bowl for her and we all go out.

later in the evening,my neighbor's maid called us.she said our cat.owh!kitaorg ingt bobo dah tido dlm bilik tuan dia lagik.last time she was sleeping on the neigbor's i just go out and said sorry if she trouble them again.then the maid said bukan..bukan..saya nampak kucing kakak.tak sampai hati..i was so shocked bila nampak body bobo lifeless on the that time,hujan renyai2,tapi bulu bobo tak i assume it's just happen. bobo had been hit a car. i pick up her body and bring to my house.i just could stop crying all the way. my mom also couldn't hold her tear.

it was an emotional moment for us. my dad asked my brother to dig up a hole to buried bobo, while my sister wash up all the blood stained kat bobo and clean her fur. we try to bury her on her best look.

last night,velvet keep on meowing for his mother. a lot of thing we tried to keep his mind of his mom.lepas dah penat main,finally he go to sleep. walaupon oren tak berapa nak ngam ngan velvet,still she sleep with velvet,and showing that she care about her grandchild.

now that bobo are gone,we are left with oren and velvet.even tho bobo is just a cat, but she left her paw print inside our heart.she's open my dad's heart to love the feline family,she's never fail to put a smile on our face.
bobo dear..u will always be our baby.hopefully all these while you've been with us, u have a wonderful in peace bobo.

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