Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Vet! we see u again..

yesterday i bring bobo to vet for her 2nd vaccination and velvet for his 1st vaccination and deworming. they were totally maniac in the car!jumping here and there,go front and back dont know what they were looking for. then after being injected all sit quietly..hihihihi!!no meowing wat so ever.sit still under the passenger seat.(sakit sgt lah kot sampai tak gerak tu..hihihih)

last time when i took bobo for vaccination,after being injected she will active again but not this time.she so down,dont want to play,just sleeping all night she will crawl up my bed and sleep at my feet.this kind of behavior make me worried! after consult with few of my friends they said its normal for cat to be moody and down after vaccination.FUH!! im relief! hope you get on ur feet again bobo!!mama mis ur mischieve behavior lah!*kiss*kiss*

when you bring your pet to vet,they will give you a copy of ur pet medical record/card. mine looks like this.=) all vaccination,deworming,appointment will be jot down in here. so that you will never miss your lovely furkids  appointment!and in the inside looks like this...

the vaccination label,appointment date will be put in the card. as for new cats vaccination can be done as early as 3 month. followed by 2nd vaccination the following month. then followed by yearly vaccination. as for deworming also can be done as early as 3 month (some said 2 month also can).then followed by 2nd deworming on the 14days after 1st deworming. the following deworming can be done every 3 @ 4 month (usually outdoor cat or cat that eat BARF) or every 6 month( for indoor cats usually).

my furkids after visiting their vet!*xoxo*

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