Sunday, November 1, 2009

to feed or not to feed..

after visiting our regular vet for my grumpy oren 1st vaccination,my vet ask about food that i gave to here's it is...

Dr : ur cat seems healthy.what food u actually feed them.

me : i gave them blackwood.

Dr : izit premium?

me : yes i think so.

Dr : where izit from? how do u know it's premium?izit because of the price?

me : USA i guess. i search about it and a lots of my friends using it to feed their furkids.

Dr : u see, some ppls will tell u a lots of rubbish just to sell their product.same goes with the cat food. they will say dis good,dis got that,dis got this..and so on u know just to sell and gain profit.

me : well,my cats seems to like it very much.i fed them SP before but they don't like it!still i force them to finish it up.

Dr : okay my suggestion to u is to change their diet.u gave them RC adult Fit 32. well dis big brand name already establish for such a long their food contain are reliable one. as for the new brand still got try and error.u surely don't want ur cat to get sick rite?as it will cost u a big time.

me : yeah i suppose so..ok i try slowly changing their how to maintain their fur?do i need any supplement to make their fur healthy and shiny?

Dr : Ahh...dis another thing.if u go to pet shop,they will try to sell all of their supplement.actually u no need to gave them any supplement if they healthy. supplement are meant for kitties dats old and lack of vitamins.if the cats healthy why should we gave them vitamin, supplement and all? all of dis are contain in premium food.if we gave them the supplement,it's only will make ur cats fall sick.instead of healthy cos to much vitamin. like human also.what happen if we take too much vitamin??

me : it's become toxin.

Dr : dont simply gave them rite?orait.. anymore question?

me : no Dr.thanx. so i see you next month?

Dr : yes..yes.. i wrote down in the card. and pls change their diet.i don't get any profit out of it. I'm just giving u my professional daughter got cat also. but we never gave them any then RC and she is healthy and beautiful.

me : okay dr.thanx..

well dis is the 1st time i went to the vet that they don't encourage us to gave them supplement.what actually the vet told me is quite true u see. logically if u feeding them good diet,clean water, for sure there will be no problem.we as human also the same thing rite? we eat a healthy balance diet, for sure we will not fall sick rite?

as for their diet,i have to change it again..ayo..u guys cost me a lot huh!!never mind laa i love all of you..this is how i show my love to spoiling you all with food!!jeez!!

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