Monday, November 2, 2009

Top 5 cakes!

Hi to all! here's the top 5 cakes that been a HIT since i started my here it is...

1. Lemon chill cheesecake! I've got regular customer for this baby!they order this cake every month!thanks ya!

2. All time favorite! kiddos love this one! lot's of peoples ordered dis for their kid birthday. Chocolate Butter Cake!

3. This sweet and sour cakes also has it own fans.Black forest Cake! not to sweet nor to sour.just nice!Yummy!(one of my favorite too =) )

4. here is another sweet and sour type of cake. Blueberry Cakes! this purpleish cakes always capture peoples attention when i put it in display chiller =)

5. And lastly..back to basic of cake. Buttercake. Always old folks favorite.not to sweet. nice one if you "cicah " with coffee  for evening tea =)

hope you enjoy the pictures!a lots more to come..stay tune....eheheheheh!!

For details or to order, please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

1 comment:

cik mastura othman said...

hi shikin, nice blog n tahnks for viewing me!!!we'll continue our "small" friendship with supporting each other in our "small" biz k....:)

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