Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd order from Kak Nurul..Yay!!

Two weeks in a row Kak Nurul has been order cuppies from me.Sorry for the delay Kak :) and thanks again. She requested the same cuppies as previous one but  disebabkan still dalam mood love-love nih kan, so kali nih design pon ala-ala valentine's gitu..and here it is..  

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with  Buttercream frosting

Hope Kak Nurul enjoyed this one too!!Thanks again :)

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Black Forest for Son in Law

Salam/ hi to all :)
last week has been a very busy week for me. But, i managed to prepared two order from my regular customer.Thanks You makcik Maznah for ordering this black-forest from me.

the black-forest(my version of course!)looks something like this.

and the inside looks something like this...(i had to made extra batch in order to cut out this piece out :p)

and this slice has been eaten by.......

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Words from the Masters

Hola peeps!
lama sungguh tak update blog kami ini..owh!by the way ini velvet yg ber-blogging. kak nora mana?kak nora sibuk sangat ngan business dia,so dia bagik lah kitaorg yg mengupdate blog ni kan...velvet slalu perhatikan kak nora menulis blog, and i managed to pick up few things here and there..see??i already change the header, the divider, even the color! how smart am i??so from now on it will be either me or my grandma oren yg akan menulis blog ini..(itu pon kalu grandma oren rajin..:p) i even erase the slave in the header..kihkihkihkih!!

recently i heard from kak nora n mummy bersembang that our blog here bnyk peminatnya dikalangan kawan-kawan makcik. (dat would be my bubu sita of course!bubu bila nak datang main ngan velvet nih??)  TERIMA KASIH KEPADA SEMUA YG MEMBACA CORETAN KAMI SEBAGAI KUCING YANG TEROVER NI :) you know what? maybe i should reward my reader. hmm..nanti velvet fowardkan kat kak nora kot-kot dia bleh sponsor hadiah untuk our beloved lucky readers :) so..rajin-rajin lah menyemak kat page kitaorg nih untuk ketahui info selanjutnya.heee~~

Last but not least for our readers yg rindukan kat kami is our latest picha untuk tatapan anda semua :) enjoy!

peek-a boo!

grandma oren yg suka tido :p

usha lori sampah..eeuu!!!kami tak suka lori sampah!menakutkan!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Valentine's Mode are On!

The title explain it all! :) here is some of my simplest design for this coming valentine's cuppies. Chocolate Moist Cuppies with Vanilla Buttercream and Cadbury Chocs! (i bought extra cadbury :p). Whom i give it to?my lucky family and boyfie of course! :p


For Details or order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Honda (M) Sdn.Bhd

Last 3 day, my friend from Honda called and request 16pcs extra large cuppies for her client. I couldn't find any other cup that bigger than 4oz. cup.(is there any cup bigger than this??) and here it is.....

Chocolate Moist cupcakes with Cadbury chocolate and M&M's 



Thank you Ms. Thistle Eve Hooi, hope you enjoy the cuppies pix, and hope your client love it too.

For Details or order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food Testing~~ BARF

beberapa hari lepas aku bercerita pasal nak bagik anak2 bulus makan BARF nih kan? far okay lah..mula2 jual mahal,tapi bila dah lama-lama mereka pelahap jugak! WEEE ~~ andaikata mereka dah boleh terima raw food,bygkan bulan2 dah bleh save sgt banyak!! so here is some of the pics that i manage to snap during the food testing session. enjoy!

sekali pandang macam daging kisar untuk buat begedil

what the...??mummy what is this?? 
your new diet,come on taste it..
duh!like i want to taste it...

mummy taste it 1st la...then we follow..can??
sungguh bertuah kucing-kucing aku nih!

 velvet nak yg ini....
adalah dlm mangkuk tu..pegi cek...

di sebabkan mereka tak mahu jugak,akhirnya terpaksa selitkan favorite treat mereka dlm bowl tu....

ehehehe..berjaya! walaupon tak banyak..tapi for starter..okay lah...

dan selebihnya....dimasukkan ke dalam bowl mr.danny. dia pon mula2 pandang pelik je..tapi lepas dah rasa..licin... :)

dan ini lepas mereka kekenyangan....

bertapa senangnya hidup mereka...xoxo!

Chocolate Cuppies for Kak Nurul

Cupcakes nih diorder oleh kak Nurul. my  BW supplier.biasanya chocolate cupcakes topping dia pakai  chocolate ganache but this time around, kak Nurul request nak topping buttercream yg sandy texture. maka ini lah hasilnya..tersangat manis! Thanks Kak Nurul : )
Chocolate fudge Cupcakes with Buttercream

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Choco Top!

this new year banyak betul chocolate kan? :) basically this is chocolate fudge cupcakes.super rich with chocolate. made for us for makan-makan time!

For Details or order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Litter Tray

Wah!! up to 2 post today!!I'm really into typing mode today! okay, now i would like to share about this new litter tray i bought just now. i bought this new litter tray bcoz the old one i already used about 2 years, and it's getting very ugly...huhuhu still i used it as outdoor toilet for my cats.since they go in and out whenever they like. it safe to have 2 litter tray so that they don't poo pee everywhere they like!

here's the old litter tray..

hehehehe..a bit ugly,the coated paint already washout, there's irremovable stain..

so i decided to get a new one for indoor and here it is...

 this new litter come with 3 pieces of those plastic thingy( don't know what to call it :p) and very cute scoop!

the middle tray look like this. function? the pee directly will go to the tray below,only the poo will left on this middle tray.

after assemble all 3 layer tray.

this kind of litter tray cannot be used with clumping type of litter will blocked the tiny-tiny hole at the middle tray. for this i used Breeder Celect .it flush-able. cost RM22. so far no smell what so ever come out from the room. and what i like the most is, my cat's paw very clean!! no sand stuck between their paws anymore!!yay! and....oh yes!the tray cost me RM35. not that expensive rite?? i bought this at Pet Epicure. other pet shop might have this type of tray also but I'm not sure how much is the price. my guess it should not be more than RM40.

p/s: i really like that shop!! so many cute cats!! they are strays and up for adoption.if interested in adopting 1 you might want to visit them. of course they come with adopting fees : )

Shopping at Pet Epicure

Hola peoples!!Happy new year!! :p
oklah,hari ni nak share sket pasal shopping untuk anak2 bulus ku kat Pet Epicure
I went there to get the BARF thing.what is that?? okay u may check that thing HERE.
nak explain lebih2 pon I'm still new to this. untuk merealisasikan azam 2010 tuh, maka pergi lah menjejakkan kaki kesana. here is some snap shot of my busybody kitty with the item that i bought today.

is this for us mummy??i smell something nice....

eh??mummy bought new litter pan!!yeah!!

i still smell something..where izit coming from?

is this our new diet mummy?grandma come and check this out!

yikes!!doesn't smell that nice...

"mummy,can we test this new toilet already??"
"hurry up velvet!i want to test it too!"

itu lah alkisahnya anak2 bulus ku yg busy body :p 
malam nih bermula lah xperimen makan raw food tu, hopefully mereka suka lah.
if they love it,  i could save up A LOT!! 
hopefully everything goes according to plan :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Muhammad

Alhamdulillah, this is my first order for 2010. Chocolate butter cake for Muhammad who celebrating his 6th birthday.Thank you so much because ordering from us. Asalnya dia nak gambar-gambar kartun, tapi gambar-gambar nih kena booked 1 week in advance. so i manage to make as simple as possible but with lots of chocolate!

For Details or order please contact us at 017-6050448 @ 016-2402056 or email us at
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