Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Litter Tray

Wah!! up to 2 post today!!I'm really into typing mode today! okay, now i would like to share about this new litter tray i bought just now. i bought this new litter tray bcoz the old one i already used about 2 years, and it's getting very ugly...huhuhu still i used it as outdoor toilet for my cats.since they go in and out whenever they like. it safe to have 2 litter tray so that they don't poo pee everywhere they like!

here's the old litter tray..

hehehehe..a bit ugly,the coated paint already washout, there's irremovable stain..

so i decided to get a new one for indoor and here it is...

 this new litter come with 3 pieces of those plastic thingy( don't know what to call it :p) and very cute scoop!

the middle tray look like this. function? the pee directly will go to the tray below,only the poo will left on this middle tray.

after assemble all 3 layer tray.

this kind of litter tray cannot be used with clumping type of litter will blocked the tiny-tiny hole at the middle tray. for this i used Breeder Celect .it flush-able. cost RM22. so far no smell what so ever come out from the room. and what i like the most is, my cat's paw very clean!! no sand stuck between their paws anymore!!yay! and....oh yes!the tray cost me RM35. not that expensive rite?? i bought this at Pet Epicure. other pet shop might have this type of tray also but I'm not sure how much is the price. my guess it should not be more than RM40.

p/s: i really like that shop!! so many cute cats!! they are strays and up for adoption.if interested in adopting 1 you might want to visit them. of course they come with adopting fees : )

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