Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shopping at Pet Epicure

Hola peoples!!Happy new year!! :p
oklah,hari ni nak share sket pasal shopping untuk anak2 bulus ku kat Pet Epicure
I went there to get the BARF thing.what is that?? okay u may check that thing HERE.
nak explain lebih2 pon I'm still new to this. untuk merealisasikan azam 2010 tuh, maka pergi lah menjejakkan kaki kesana. here is some snap shot of my busybody kitty with the item that i bought today.

is this for us mummy??i smell something nice....

eh??mummy bought new litter pan!!yeah!!

i still smell something..where izit coming from?

is this our new diet mummy?grandma come and check this out!

yikes!!doesn't smell that nice...

"mummy,can we test this new toilet already??"
"hurry up velvet!i want to test it too!"

itu lah alkisahnya anak2 bulus ku yg busy body :p 
malam nih bermula lah xperimen makan raw food tu, hopefully mereka suka lah.
if they love it,  i could save up A LOT!! 
hopefully everything goes according to plan :)

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