Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Cat Award for AMAD!

Salam/hi to all reader/s (banyak ke readers blog amad nih??kihkihkih)

Today, Amad has been tagged by Si Gangster Putih to received this cutiful award (cute and beautiful),  dengan rasa hepinye Amad menerima award ini. ^^ (tetiba mcm artis plak rase..wakakakaka!!) Thank you very much to Puteh the gangster cat

The rule is simple!
The only thing that the awardees need to do is to list FIVE things that made them happy, and LINK to the blog that has given them the award! Then, pass it to SIX cat-lover blogs.
We request some PHOTOS too ^^


here is the 5 thingy that makes me happy!

 My real name is Ahmad Velvet a.k.a amad the macho

 i love sleeping!i can sleep almost anywhere..this is me with my best friend Vacumy. 

this is my grandma oren, she's my enemy,my friend, without her it would be no fun.

climbing the roof is my favorite!then, i will meowing for somebody to take me down..kehkehkeh!!

 my happy day would not complete with  3 meal per day, treats
and of course my Family <3<3

And we like to pass this on to.........

2. Hero
4. Wiwi

To not spoil the fun and to keep the originality of this award; to my friends who blogging in other language, i hope u guys can post about this Awards in dual-language. No offense ya. Prrrrrss~


meowwmania said...

amad kirim salam pd bff kamu si vacum tu yer heheheh...

Jul's said...

akhirnyer setelah tenet asik hang jer bila dah amik award dr blgo Amad, berjaya jugak menghapdet entry pasal award tu hari nih. thanks shikin & amad..terharu sangat2 ade jugak org perasan kehadiran beloggg ahkak yg x seberapa nyer nehh... sob3x.. :p

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